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what corona virus has made to the world, largest countries, small countries, island states and the population in it presents the modern old age with Corona Virus.

To those who belongs in this nowadays world. There's a lot of catching up for the tourism venture business people. Depending on the type of business you're operating at present. It is important for you to know, if your business venture fits, in this world and society of essential needs.

Personal Point of View

It is very important for you to know, that the World has become very essential. It has become essential in a sense that, only a certain business will be allow to operate from time to time. I've called it the corona switch. Only if that switch stays in the operational mode, partial or total lock down. Those countries who's strategy of treatment in relation to this virus become successful, will get enjoy their essential of Managements. But on one conditions, if their managements activities fits in the essential needs criteria. The most important goals are trades. How are trades being affected? Are they still kicking? yes...But in a essential way!

Let me give you a brief description about the way I see it. As far as i concerned, and the way I see it until now. The world needs those essential needs. The world will not be able to operate without it. If the world stops, or the moment the world stop depending on these essential needs. Consider this day that our world has become collapse.

In this world of many countries. Every country is playing their role. They know and some has already applying this essential formula that has been given by the WHO. Even though they are slowly curing their corona cases. Some even has death cases. Some has various number of quarantines and various number of recovered. Depending on each countries cases, this will determine that country governance in relation to this epidemic. If their status is getting better, stagnant or worse. >> Check Graph here <<

The most important scenario here depends on the fact of, letting that particular country's population understand the fundamental of this virus. The more your population become educated and aware of their role to put down this virus, the more that country will become successful. Each country population needs to understand that there only three switches to this corona scenario. The more they don't follow the guidelines, the more that country will go deeper into the corona pitfall.

Some countries has spend lot of money in corona advertisement, to the point that their people has become so educated and following the guidelines, not going anywhere, stay at home until what you're going to do is essential, self care. I may say that, those population are very well disciplined. And i salute them.

To be continued....